Monitoring Implementation of Juvenile Justice Act and Rules

(updated on 10-08-2017)

1. Committee for Monitoring Functioning of the Juvenile Justice Boards in the State of Madhya Pradesh
2- Juvenile Justice Act 2015
Comparison Chart JJ Act
Juvenile Justice Model Rules, 2016

3-Guidelines For Adoption

  • New CARA Guidlines
  • CARA Guidlines
  • Shabnam Hashmi Vs Union of India & Others (WP / 470 / 2005)
  • Adoption Regulation 2017

  • 4-Guidelines for Police Officials (SJPU) (Document downloaed from[1].pdf)

    5-Name of Principal Magistrate of JJBs.


    7-CircularJJB-1 (Document downloaded from

    8-Memos issued to stake holders including D.Js.-JJB

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