Former President of Law Reporting Committee

S.No. Name of Hon'ble Judge Period
01Mr. Justice Choudhuri01-01-1956 to 09-08-1957
02Mr. Justice M. Hidayatullah10-08-1957 to 12-12-1958
03Mr. Justice G.P. Bhutt, CJ13-12-1958 to 20-09-1959
04Mr. Justice Pandey22-09-1959 to 1963
05Mr. Justice K.L. Pandey1964 to 20-09-1971
06Mr. Justice A.P. Sen21-09-1971 to 26-06-1976
07Mr. Justice S.M.N. Raina29-07-1976 to 31-01-1977
08Mr. Justice K.K. Dube04-03-1977 to 09-07-1978
09Mr. Justice C.P. Sen10-07-1978 to 06-02-1989
10Mr. Justice B.C. Verma27-03-1989 to 1990
11Mr. Justice S.K. Seth25-10-1991 to 18-06-1993
12Mr. Justice Gulab C. Gupta24-06-1993 to 13-04-1994
13Mr. Justice M.V. Tamaskar29-07-1994 to 16-06-1995
14Mr. Justice S.K. Dubey03-07-1995 to 13-08-1998
15Mr. Justice V.K. Agrawal02-09-1998 to 2002
16Mr. Justice Rajeev Gupta27-11-2002 to 04-02-2004
17Mr. Justice A.K. Mishra06-05-2005 to SEP. 2010
18Mr. Justice K.K. Lahoti14-09-2010 to 2013

Former Chairman of Indian Law Report (M.P.) Committee

S.No. Name of Hon'ble Judge Period
01Mr. Justice Rajendra Menon2014
02Mr. Justice S.K. Seth2015-2016
03Mr. Justice Sanjay Yadav2017
04Mr. Justice Sujoy Paul2017-2021