1. What are the contents of ILR (M.P.) Series?

ILR (M.P.) Series contains reportable judgments/orders of High Court of Madhya Pradesh and also Judgments/orders of Hon'ble Apex Court,relating to High Court of M.P., approved by the ILR (M.P.) Committee. It also includes important Central/State Gazette notifications.

2. How many issues of ILR (M.P.) Series are published in a calendar year?

12 monthly issues of ILR (M.P.) Series are published in a calendar year and are available in 4 volumes [Jan-March, April-June, July - Sep. and Oct-Dec.].

3. In which language ILR (M.P.) Series is published?

The ILR (M.P.) Series is published in English language, however, the head notes are also available in Hindi language from the issues published from the year 2008 onwards.

4. How one can get copies of ILR (M.P.) Series from High Court of Madhya Pradesh?

ILR (M.P.) Series can be purchased/subscribed directly through the Sale Counter located in the First Floor of Administrative Block of High Court of M.P., Jabalpur during the office hours [10:00 am to 5:00 pm]. Copies can also be subscribed through any of the District Court of M.P. at District/Tehsil level by paying requisite subscription fees. Copies are sent to the subscriber at the address opted by them in subscription form, if any. Facility of on-line purchase is under pipeline and will start function shortly.

5. Is there any other authorized agent/sale counter established by the High Court for getting ILR (M.P.) Series?

No, except as answered at Q.4.

6.At what price ILR (M.P.) Series are sold. Can one purchase loose parts of ILR also ?

12 issues of ILR (M.P.) Series are sold at Rs. 550/-, including postal charges which is fixed for 2016 and 2017 issues. From 2017 issues onwards loose parts can be purchased, but subject to availability. Prices of monthly/annual subscription are revised time to time. Annual Subscription price for the year 2018 issues has been fixed as Rs. 600/-.