Practice Directions for E-Filing (Phase-I) in The High Court of Madhya Pradesh

1. The practice directions for E-Filing (phase-I) of Cases in the High Court of Madhya Pradesh will be effective from the dates notified by the Hon'ble The Chief Justice of the High Court of Madhya Pradesh from time to time.
2. These practice directions will not affect the regular filing of a case in the High Court of Madhya Pradesh.
3. The E-Filing (phase-I) is only for Advocate on records registered at Bar Council of Madhya Pradesh.
4. Procedure for E-Filing (phase-I).
a. First time users of High Court E-Filing (phase-I) have to register his/her E-mail ID and Phone number at the e-Counter in the Filing Counter open at Principal Seat Jabalpur and its Benches Indore and Gwalior.
b. Open the official website of the High Court of Madhya Pradesh i.e.
c. Click on E-Filing tab/icon on the front page of the website.
d. On opening the new page, click new user registration.
e. You will be directed to the registration page where you can register as an Advocate.
f. On the Registration page, enter your Enrollment Number and Year.
g. Fill the details in the Registration Form.
h. After submitting the button of signup on the registration form, an OTP password is forwarded to your mobile number and e-mail id.
i. Again go to the login page i.e., enter your login name and password forwarded on your mobile number and e-mail id.
j. After submitting the login button, you were directed to the e-filing page where you get the details of old cases filed by you and filing of new case.
k. The different stages of e-Filing sequentially arrange is as follows:-
(i) Filing. (ii) Indexing. (iii) Lower Court. (iv) Additional Party. (v) Additional Advocate. (vi) Court Fees. (vii) Limitation. (viii) Generate ID.