Monitoring Implementation of Juvenile Justice Act and Rules

Juvenile Justice Act 20015
Juvenile Justice Model Rules, 2016

1. Committee for Monitoring Functioning of the Juvenile Justice Boards in the State of Madhya Pradesh
  • 1. Hon. Justice Shri J K Maheshwari
  • 2. Hon. Justice Shri Rohit Arya
  • 3. Hon. Justice Shri Vivek Rusia
  • 5. Shri Pankaj Gaur, Registrar J-I (Secretary)

Orders regarding constitution of the Committee-JJB (Old Committee)

2-Relevant Provisions under the Act and Rules (For Juvenile Judges)

3-Guidelines For Adoption

4-Guidelines for Police Officials (SJPU) (Document downloaed from[1].pdf)

5-Name of Principal Magistrate of JJBs.


7-CircularJJB-1 (Document downloaded from

8-Memos issued to stake holders including D.Js.-JJB

9-Quarterly-Report of Monitoring

10-Various Maters in which memos have been issued

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