Part-1- Introduction, Brief History & Background of High Court of Madhya Pradesh
1 Introduction, Brief History & Background of High Court of Madhya Pradesh.
2 Hon'ble Judges in the High Court as on 1st Jan, 2015
Part-2- Listing policy of the High Court and its benefits to the Stakeholders
3 Listing policy of the High Court and its benefits to the Stakeholders
4 Digitization and Elimination Rules-2014
Part-3- Organizational Initiatives
5 Swachha Nyayalaya Abhiyan
6 Managing Library with Support of e-Technology
7 Juvenile Justice & Children Care Initiatives
8 Hi-Tech Security Setup
9 Disaster Management Plan for the High Court and District Courts
10 Collegial Court Administration in High Court by Hon'ble Judges
11 Online Right to Information
12 Museum of the High Court
13 Vigilance Cell
14 Financial Statement of Budget and Expenditure
15 Functioning of Grievance Redressal Mechanism
Part-4- Infrastructure Development
16 Status of Infrastructure of High Court and District/ Subordinate Courts
17 Sanctioned Strength, Working Strength and Vacancies of Judges in High Court and District/Subordinate Courts
18 Status of Computerization of High Court & District / Subordinate Courts
Part-5- Staff Welfare Initiatives
19 Establishment of Creche in High Court Complex at Jabalpur
20 Scheme for Felicitation of Meritorious Wards / Children of the Official / Employees
21 Transport Facility for Staff
Part-6- Pendency Reduction in District/Subordinate Courts
22 Pendency Reduction Initiative (With regard to Five Year Old Cases)
23 Scheme for Withdrawal of Stale, Ineffective and Infructuous Cases in the Subordinate Courts
Part-7- Judicial Statistics of High Court / Subordinate Courts
24 Broad Performance Indicators based on Analysis of Judicial Statistics
a. Category-Wise Institution, Disposal and Pendency of Cases in High Court
b. Year & Cadre-Wise Institution, Disposal and Pendency of Cases etc. in District/ Subordinate Court.
c. Age-Wise Pendency of different Category of Cases in High Court.
d. Institution, Disposal & Pendency of different Nature of Cases in District Court.
e. Number of Cases in which Trial Proceedings have been stayed by Superior Courts in Various Categories of Civil and Criminal Cases and Average Time for which such trial proceedings remain stayed in the Life Cycle of a Case.
f. Average time taken for Disposal of various Categories Civil and Criminal Cases in High Court
g. Nature-Wise Disposal of Cases per Judge per year in the High Court
h. Nature Wise Disposal of Cases per Judge per year in the District/Subordinate Court
I. Category-Wise number of Criminal and Civil Cases where Orders of the District/Subordinate Courts are challenged in Appeal before the High Court.
j. Statement showing Institution and Disposal of Writ Petitions (PIL) from 01/01/2015 to 31/12/2015.
Part-8- Human Resource Development & Judicial Training
25 Activities of State Judicial Academy
26 Infrastructure Development of State Judicial Academy
Part-9- Activities & Initiatives of MPSLSA / DLSA
27 Working of State & District Legal Services Authorities
28 Status on Legal Aid to Poor and Number of beneficiaries of different Categories. 2015
29 Activities in other important areas
30 Working of Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
a. Schemes to Provide Momentum to Mediation Mechanism
b. Mediation Activities
c. Status of ADR Centres
d. Permanent Lok Adalats/Lok Adalats
e. Number of Lok Adalats Held in Dec- 2015
f. Number of Cases Disposed of in Various Lok Adalats 2015